Any Person who has completed 18 years of age and of sound mind and is a permanent resident of the area of operation of the society, and who is committed to subscribe regularly to thrift deposits and repay the loans taken on time as per the repayment schedule and abide by the code of conduct, if any as may be evolved by the society from time to time and willing to accept responsibilities of membership and, 


Eligibility & in Eligibility: 


  • Has not completed 60 years of age
  • is not a adjudged by a court as insolvent, or is an un discharged insolvent;
  • has not been sentenced for any offence involving moral turpitude
  • is not carrying on business or activity of such kind which is in conflict with the objects and interests of the society
  • is not a member of any other thrift and credit society
  • is not a member who resigned and a period of three years has not elapsed from such date;
  • is not an employee of the society;
  • is not a legal fractioned on behalf of the society may be admitted by the board as a member of the society on payment of at least one share amount and Rs.10 as entrance fee. 


Nominal Member:


  Any person/Organization who wish to subscribe deposits other than regular thrift deposits and avail such other services may be enrolled of nominal members of the society, on payment of Rs.10/- as entrance fee. The nominal members will be eligible only to avail such services and benefits offered by the board to that category, but not entitled either to participate in any of the general meeting or to vote on any matter, or to be elected as directors of the board or for any share in profits, or assets or liabilities of the society. 



Application for membership:


 The applicants have to apply for membership in such form as required and specified by the board along with an undertaking that he/she will agree with the provisions of the byelaw, and submit it to the secretary who will in turn place it before board for approval. The decision of the board on this matter is final, subject to the provisions of the Act. The applications for membership shall be disposed within 90 days from the date of application and the decision together with reasons shall be communicated to the applicant.



Rights of Members:


Every Member shall have the following rights provided if he/she satisfies the other conditions as specified in byelaws.


  • Right to vote and contest in the elections as per the provisions of APMACS Act-1995.
  • The receive interest on share capital and patronage dividend. If any, to be paid on the basic of his/her transactions with the society.
  • To receive share certificate.
  • Right to attend participated, vote in General Body Meetings.
  • Right to see his/her own accounts and right also to see the accounts of other members on payment of any fees fixed by the Board. Right to receive Annual Statement of Accounts.