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  • B.COM (Bachelor of commerce), Andhra Christian College, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • M.COM (Master of Commerce), Nagarjuna University, Nambur, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.
  • B.L (Bachelor of law) at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
  • PGDPM (Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management) at Andhra Pradesh Productivity Council, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. 



     Honorary Doctorate from Westbrook University—Awarded doctorate by the Westbrook University, USA for the social work carried out for 26 Years out of 49 years. The Award was received from the hands of His Excellency Shri N.D. Tiwari, Governor of Andhra Pradesh. 


Family Background:


Sri. Katikala Ramakoti, Father of Sn.Dr. K. S. Bhagyarao, was a leader and visionary, in our community in and around Bapatla. Mother Smt. Katikala Kanthamma extended all her wholehearted support to his father to enable him to cater his services to the poorest of the poor in around the Bapatla. He was much inspired by his father and mother, and stepped into the shoes of his father to help/cater services to our people walking on the path of . 


Student Life 1981-1985:


On 18th December 1981 while studying Degree Final Year, he opined ‘ask not what the village did for you, but what you did for the village’ by seeing the problems faced by the poor people and established the YUVAJANA SEVA SANGHAM. The funds required were mobilized from his own pocket money savings, and also from small works done for money by him and his friends. The funds were handled in utmost transparency. To involve more people, he stepped out of the shoes of his position in the organization and inspired many others to join. Under this banner, he:


  • Thrived to increase education by establishing library, honoring meritorious students and giving free tuitions.
  • Helped to distribute government waste lands to around 100 poor families so that they earn more income and their children could continue to study
  • Helped conduct medical camps for the health of the poor families

The organization is currently being run by students and an advisory role is taken up by him.


Employee life 1986-1999:


He joined as a Group-C central government employee. Wherever posted, he inspired his colleagues to contribute in terms of money and time to visit the villages apart from his native village. He conducted extra-curricular competitions, and also awarded meritorious students. He did all these during his leisure hours. Due to the transparency in conducting the activities, many people were attracted towards the activities. After conducting such activities in many villages, some of the employees identified that education is the only weapon for development of the nation. They further suggested these activities should be in organized manner. The same was discussed with his father and his father also appreciated the charity work and promised to give back his agricultural income for carrying out the activities.



Year 2000-Till Date:




His father agreed to donate agricultural income and his house for the development of education, an organization was established in the memory of his mother, who died at the age of 5 years. Thus he established KATIKALA KANTHAMMA MEMORIAL EDUCATIONAL AND HEALTH CARE SOCIETY[VIDYARTHI], which was named in remembrance of his late mother. Through KKM Society, he surveyed selected 35 villages, where he identified that the dropout rate was high. The main cause for high dropout rate was being lack of books, guidance and poverty.



Area of operations:


  • 35 villages in Bapatla Constituency.
  • Irrespective of caste and creed.

Source of funds:


  • 10% of the salary of each working adult of the Katikala family and relatives.
  • Entire ancestral property.



To increase the education level in the 35 villages, he demolished his family house and established a public library, employed a tutor and arranged power in his village so as to give free tuitions to poor students, distributed books and awarded meritorious students.





To encourage de-alcoholism, awareness camps were conducted and those parents who ceased bad habits such as drinking were felicitated before the general public. Many families were rescued from the adverse effects of De-Alcoholism.


Honoring Hard Working People


To encourage hard working poor people who were landless and acquired land, they were felicitated and were stood up as exemplary citizens.


Honoring Exemplary Parents:


Those parents who encouraged their children to study till getting employment despite being in poverty were honored before the general public.


Sports and Cultural Programs:


Not only did he encourage meritorious students, but he also awarded those persons who were good in sports and cultural activities. Every year conducting competitions in sports, cultural activities and awarded prizes. These activities are being carried out continuously every year till date.




  • Over 500 students secured jobs through our program.
  • High school drop-outs have reduced by 70% due to a circulating library.


SNEHA CLUB: Learning from the success of the KKM Society, where a few persons with a similar mindset made such a considerable change, a thought arose of what may perspire out of many people of the same mindset. With this thought, Sneha Club was established in the year 2001 as a charitable organization functioning on the basis of principles taught by which are:


  1. “Those who are enjoying the constitutional privileges, come forward and take the responsibility to give a helping hand to our needy brethren” and 
  2. “With great difficulty, I have brought this caravan where it is seen today. Let the caravan march on despite the hurdles that may come in its way. If my lieutenants are not able to take the caravan ahead, they should leave it there. But in no circumstances should they allow it to go back”

Also, a general principle of ‘not to criticize anyone’ for the activities carried out by executive members is made effective. Instead of criticizing an executive member, that person is encouraged to replace the executive member for the sake of better working.With these principles, the Sneha Club has forged on and built up a pan state presence. With around 100 to 200 active members in each district of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Sneha Club is a distinguished organization now. 


Many different types of activities are taken up by the Sneha Club patrons suchas visiting Social/Tribal Welfare Hostels to provide counseling, pens, books, bed sheets, etc., which are lacking in the hostels, books distribution, medical camps, issuing medical cards for free treatment, training programs, adopting villages to provide educational support, conducting coaching classes to admit into higher education, conducting pratibha awards given to 2 best students from all Social welfare and Tribal welfare Hostels in each district in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


The following organizations were also founded by the Founder and the chairman of the





  • Facilitated for the sanction of income generating schemes for the unaware families.
  • Free tuitions and counseling for students        



  • Income generation schemes provided access to education.
  • Tuitions and counseling helped in acquiring jobs.

2. KKM Society:


  • Founded in 2000.
  • In memory of mother.
  • House demolished and constructed library for public use.
  • Area of operation Bapatla, Ponnur and Guntur.
  • Charities focusing on education and health.




  • Over 500 students secured jobs through our program.
  • High school drop-outs have reduced by 70% due to a circulating library.

3. Sneha Club:


  • Founded Sneha Club, a conglomerate of interdepartmental employees, in 2001.
  • Concept is ‘Pay back to society’.
  • Network with 12,500 member employees, ranging from IAS to
    group D.
  • Spread over all districts of Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Branded as ‘Sneha Club’.
  • Education and health related charitable activities 30 per month.



        Sneha Members Network:


  • Members include all cadres equal to officers and above in central and state government and private professionals like doctors, engineers, advocates etc.
  • Free books distribution, medical camps.
  • Awarding scholarships to meritorious students on different school levels.
  • Impart vocational trainings and also financially assist the entrepreneurs, thus decreasing unemployment.


  • Network created among all offices of 12500.
  • Reduced dropouts.
  • Unemployed youth got employment in public & private sectors.
  • Some of students were self made entrepreneurs.
  • Lakhs of issues among members was redressed through mutual co-operation.
  • 480 charitable activities are being conducted per annum.
  • Inspiring 60000 people on 14th April every year.
  • 680 medical camps are being conducted for every year.
  • Merit award for to 50 students for every year.


 4. Sneha Marriage Bureau:


  • Founded in 2002. 
  • Concept is ‘For better life’.



  • Number of individuals chosen their life partner and got married.
  • Marriages are made in heaven. Heaven is SNEHA.

5. Sneha Waani:


  • Founded in 2008.
  • Concept is ‘Voice of the voiceless’.
  • Monthly magazine, spanning entire Andhrapradesh/Telangana.
  • Circulation 21,000 copies.



  • Circulating to all MLA’s & MP’s free of cost.
  • Due to this, the issue of compare to rates of food provided in hostel & jails was raised in assembly.
  • The intellectual discussions published in this monthly paper leads to one of the agenda of TDP party during the year 2009 manifesto “cash transfer scheme”.

6. Sneha Mutually Aided Co-operative Society Limited:


  • Founded in 2008.
  • Concept is ‘Financial growth for poor’.
  • To provide infrastructure to the Sneha club offices.
  • To attain financial sustainability among poor.
  • Micro financing activity with social responsibility i.e., extending
    health and education.
  • Area of operation Bapatla, Ponnur, Vemur, Repalle.
  • Covered Family members – 20,000 in 100 villages.
  • 10000 families were detached from the money lenders and land
  • Illiterate women were made owners of the kirana stores.
  • 350 families are targeted for making them as lakhpathies
    through dairy forms.
  • Quarterly counseling/awareness programs are being conducted
    towards the development of their family.
  • Poor people are not aware of bank rules for getting small loans.
  • To develop micro Scale Business.
  • To avoid farmers/coolies from Money lenders/ Land lords paying
    high interest rates.



  • Cultivated the habit saving.
  • Profits are being distributed to all the share holders.
  • Creation of employment to saving 45 unemployed youth.

7. Sneha Priya Club Chit Fund:


  • Founded in 2009.
  • Concept is ‘Profits for Charity’.
  • To support the concept of pay back to society which I adapted
    by Sneha club.
  • To create financial planning among poor.



  • 7 offices are inaugurated with the profits of the chits.
  • Creation of employment to 40 unemployed youth.
  • Hidden charges i.e. application fee, interest, penalties are not charging to the subscribers.
  • Created atmosphere of importance of the chits with reference to bank loans.

8. Sneha Web Channel:


  • Founded in 2014.
  • Concept is ‘News for the Universe’.
  • To create awareness about the news not posted in anywhere.




  • Made available to all the individuals to upload the news & views.


9. Sneha TV Channel:


  • Yet to start.
  • Concept is ‘For the development of nation.


Country can develop if the human resources properly considered in all fields.




From the last 33 years in service, several students were benefited in getting employment, private placements for becoming entrepreneur. Several medical camps were conducted through which many lives were saved. Conducted coaching classes through which many students got admitted into higher education. Apart from charitable activities, network was created in all districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, and inspired them for charitable activities without criticizing caste and religion permanently. Around 42 activities are carried out successfully by these like-minded employees every month.



Sn.Dr.K. Siva Bhagya Rao, IRS

Sneha Group Of Organizations:

»   Sneha Club (Charitable Organization) Since-2001 " Pay back to Society."
»   Sneha Marriage Bureau Since-2002 "For Better Life"
»   Sneha Waani "Voice of the Voiceless "
»   Sneha Mutually Aided Co-op.Society Ltd. Since-2008 "Financial Growth of the poor"
»   Sneha Priya Club chit Fund(P)Ltd. Since-2009 "Profits for charity"
»   Sneha Web Channel Since-2014 "News for the Univers"
»   Sneha Tv Channel yet to start "For the Development of the Nation"